Lidt om "Elwing"

En god ting er at læse Tolkiens "Silmarillion", men her er hvad David Day har at sige i "A Guide to Tolkien":

Elven princess of Doriath. Elwing the White was the beautiful daughter of King Dior and Queen nimloth of Doriath. She was the only member of her family to survive the sacking of Menegroth by the Noldor in the year 509 of the First Age of th Sun. With her inheritance, the Silmaril, she found sanctuary in the harbour of Avernien. There she met and married Eärendil the Mariner and gave birth to twin sons: Elrond and Elros. But when the Noldor learned where the Silmaril was hidden, they attacked again. Seeing no means of escape, Elwing threw herself and the Silmaril into the sea. At that moment, Ulmo, the Valarian Ocean Lord, intervened and transformed Elwing into a white sea bird. With the Silmaril in her beak she flew across the sea to find Eärendil. They managed to find their way through the Shadowy Seas to the Undying Lands, so that Eärendil might beg the Valar to intervene in the Waros of Beleriand. After the War of Wrath Eärendil, with the Silmaril bound to his brow was placed in the firmament by the Valar. he sailed his ship across the sky and was known as the Morning Star. Thereafter, Elwing made her home in a tower on the northern coast of Eldamar, and each night as Eärendil's ship drew near the western horizon, Elwing - as a white bird - flew from her tower to join her husband.