Mikkle's Coding Corner#

In my spare time - mostly evenings and winter nights because of one of my other season dependant interestes, Sailing - I like to engage in programming.
My language of choice is Java. Basically because I'm better at Java than at any other language. Not that I'm all that good at Java... ;-)
Anyway, I'm currently working on these projects: These are my own projects. I'm also a developer on the open source project
A couple of years ago I hacked together a Multicast Test tool
I seem to ave lost the source code for the original version, but development on version 3 has been picked up!
- What happened to version 2? Well, I ditched it because it required a lot of work to get IPv6 support fitted into it, so I decided to start from scratch. again... ;-)

I've put up TrackPlus as a bug tracker for my own projects.

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