JSPWiki upgraded to version 2.8.1!

FCKEditor now integrated (WYSIWYG editing)

Mikkle is now CCIE #22656 ! :-D
The front-end server runs on FreeBSD 7.0
The back-end with the databases, mail service, servlet container, etc. now runs on an Ubuntu Server (Hardy Heron).
The back-end hardware is a neat new Intel board with a spiffy Atom processor. :)

www.mikkle.dk is now IPv6 enabled! :O)
That's right, folks, look up the AAAA-record yourself, if you don't believe it! ;-)

mikkle.dk now runs on FreeBSD 6.2.
Yes, that's right! I finally killed my eComstation (was OS/2) server.
It brought a tiny tear to my eye, but hey...
One of these days, I'll change all the pages claiming to be served by an eComstation server...
:O) Mikkle

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